Christmas is coming!



Christmas is Coming!

 The Yule log,
a traditional recipe!

The Yule log, which is eaten as a dessert for Christmas dinner,
originated from another tradition associated with the celebration of Christmas Eve. We offer a wide variety logs as:
Sand rose, Black forest, Framboisine, and also our new Gluten-Free Yule Log.
To suit your holiday meal with an organic and homemade Yule logs.(See Menu)

New Catering Selection!

Mini Pastries.


They're fresh, little, and to die for!  From our legendary mini Lemon Tart, (mentioned in both Avenue Magazine and Swerve) to the French Merveilleux, these mini treats are a tiny taste of luxury and come in platters custom-designed for you. (See Menu)


Fresh Croissant & danish.


Made fresh with local ingredients and organic flour, our delicacies are sure to add the finishing touch whenever they’re served. Using our price list, combine your custom order of pastries in any size or combination. From our scrumptious Almond Croissants to our exotic Apricot Nests; the possibilities are endless. (See Menu)


Frozen Croissants and Danishes


Don't forget your morning treats, order now your frozen croissants and danishes. Easy to bake, they will give you a taste of France, fresh and warm from the oven at your breakfast!


Mini-Sandwiches platters


Create a unique platter using our extensive list of gourmet sandwiches to add a fresh and creative flare to your next luncheon.  Fine ingredients, such as creamy brie topped with fig and honey, or salty prosciutto and fresh bruschetta, make up our assortment of mini sandwiches, each on its own custom-made brioche. (See Menu)



Yes, we also offering a new line of delicious treats, all Raw, Vegan and Gluten-free, such as Macaroons, Biscotti, Energy Raw Chocolate Bars, Cacao-mint Crème etc... More details in store!

Our Holiday Hours.

YES, We are OPEN on :
- TUESDAY Dec. 22nd
- WEDNESDAY Dec. 23rd

- THURSDAY Dec. 24th

- Friday 25th : Closed

- SATURDAY Dec. 26th
- SUNDAY Dec. 27th

Re-opening the WEDNESDAY JANUARY 13th 2016

Please if you have any other requirement feel free to contact us!

Ladybug and cafe team wishes you a happy holidays!