Delicate & Raw


Discover our new line of Raw products!

Come and discover Ladybug's new trend! 

We always strived to offer our customer the healthiest products, and after our Organic products, Ladybug and Cafe is now proud to presents our new line of products.

Delicate & Raw is the continuance of our research for a healthier tomorrow. Our Raw products are part of the Superfood, and will bring all the nutrients your body needs everyday!

"“Wow that's impressive Marie, you achieved to have all the nutrients for a day in a cup!” said David Wolfe about our D.N.B (Daily Natural Boost)

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- Macaroons


- Biscotti


- Snicker style Energy Bars


- Cacao Mint Creme


- Alive Cranberry Maple Granola



And much more coming! So come and have a look, we are starting our Superfood Juice Bar very soon, more details in store!