About Us

The Ladybug Bakery believes in family traditions and homemade products, created with fresh and healthy ingredients.  Our Master Baker, Yves Ghesquiere and his wife Marie, pour their hearts and souls into their work and into a great product for their customers.  

The family history of baking stretches back to the 1792 opening of Petrus Ghesquiere's bakery in Brussels, Belgium.  The family passed it’s baking tradition from father to son, until the discovery during the second World War of how to create great bread without the use of yeast.  Our extended rising period allows the taste of our organic flours natural minerals to shine through, without the interference of foreign flavours.  We now carry on this practice in many of our original recipe breads.

Organic milk blended with our handpicked espressos; Eggs Benedict, only available Friday –Sunday, made from free range, organic eggs;  and our creamy organic butter that adds the rich flavour to our baked goods, are just a few of our bistro experiences that make us so successful.