Led by Master Pastry Chef, Yves Ghesquiere; our skilled and dedicated team of bakers rises before the sun in order to deliver the freshest bakery delicacies.  Using both family recipes and our unique flare, we offer an impressive selection of breads, pastries, and specialty treats.

All of our baked goods are handcrafted with only the finest, certified organic flour, butter, and free range eggs.  With a smooth lemon curd and mouth-watering shortbread crust, it’s little wonder our signature Lemon Tart has earned such notoriety; being articled in City Palate and followed by Avenue Magazine and Swerve.  Yet who can live without chocolate?   Our decadent combination of chocolate mousse and deliciously rich truffles is perfectly paired with tender chocolate shortbread to create a symphony in your mouth… need we say more?

Delivered fresh each morning, we stock our beautiful display case with an array that will appeal to all of your senses.  We believe that food should look as beautiful as it tastes.


•    Croissants & Danishes
Made fresh with local ingredients and organic flour, our baked goods are sure to add the finishing touch where ever you serve them.  Using our price list, combine your custom order of pastries in any size or combination. From our scrumptious Almond Croissants to our exotic Apricot Nests, the choices are limitless.

•    Frozen Croissants and Buns - Available in packages of 6
Our creations, brought to life by you in the convenience of your own home.  How to make an ordinary Saturday morning into a cherished memory?  Wake them with fresh baked cinnamon buns or one of our many varieties of croissants, made with our finest ingredients and organic flours.  Prep the night before to actually let the dough rise in your own culinary environment; only to turn the oven on in the morning and enjoy!  

•    Frozen Mini Croissants - Available in packages of 9
Bake the creamy Blue Cheese or Ham & Cheese mini croissants to fill your kitchen with the aroma of fresh baked buns.

•    Frozen Entrees and More
Busy schedule?  Still want the home cooked freshness with the convenience of only the bake time?  Choose from our flavourful lasagna, gourmet soups, or renowned shrimp croquettes.  Join around the dinner table to enjoy a fresh and delicious, family meal.