Whether you prefer rich, dark roasted flavour or a more mellow texture with fruity undertones, our spectrum of espressos and coffees is sure to please your palate.  Our baristas use only hand selected beans for your petit cup of excellence: our espresso.

Stroll by our scrumptious bakery display while you peruse our extensive bistro-style menu.  Catering to what you crave, our specialties range from authentic Belgian waffles topped with seasonal fruit and rich Bernard Callebaut chocolate, to smoked salmon and mixed baby greens savoury crepes, paired with a side of cranberry mustard.

From our grill, we offer hand-made lean ground beef burgers; original salads with natural ingredients such as farm fresh goat cheese and smoked gouda; or the chef’s personal favourite – tender linguine tossed in a homemade cream reduction sauce and crowned with smoked salmon.

With so many delicious options, we understand if you need an extra minute when deciding.


Our Chef, Mizahël Chaplain