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Whether you're looking for custom cake writings, mini desserts or would like from scratch bread from our bakery, we're here for you. 

Come by and see our wide selection of goods!

For orders of baked good & sweets, please contact us below! 

403-249-5530 //

Breads / Sweets


All our sweets and breads and done from scratch and prepared with top quality ingredients. We also have an extensive in-store fresh bread line.

Types of Bread

Please order 1 day in advance, $5.00 each sliced loaf:

Most popular

 Rustic Sourdough - White & Whole Wheat Sourdough Blend

White Sourdough 

Country Loaf - White & Whole Wheat Blend

7 Grain - Whole Wheat With 7 Grains

Brioche Burger Buns (4 pack)


Light Rye

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